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Garry’s Mod Games

We live in a wonderful time. Technologies are developing by leaps and bounds, computers are becoming more powerful right before our eyes, and games are finally starting to fulfill the cherished dream of many generations of gamers – complete freedom of expression within the framework of very few natural and logical rules. All this is about Garry’s Mod. If you hear about it for the first time, don’t miss the opportunity to find out more and try it on our site!

Sandbox where you can create anything

First, a little history. It all started when the famous Source engine appeared on the market. Its most remarkable features are extreme flexibility, realistic simulations of the living world (physics mainly), and an excellent presentation of this to users (see Half-Life 2). Harry Newman, who decided to create a modification that would allow everyone to play this way and facilitate the process, was the first to realize it. Here, in fact, is the beginning of GMod’s journey.

Although now this mod is considered a full-fledged game, it still has no goal, no campaign or something like that. There is you, there is a world, there are tools – create! Actually, any session in GMod begins with the same thing: you find yourself on a selected map with a full arsenal of weapons from HL2 and a super-useful object that has become a symbol of the whole mod – Physical Gun. It looks like everyone’s favorite gravity cannon, but in fact its functionality is different: the main fire grabs the object with a blue ray and moves it wherever you like, and the alternative one freezes it in space.

The second thing you need is the menu. It allows you (bend your fingers): to call forth various heroes and all sorts of things; create live NPCs, both enemies and friends; get access to a wide range of tools, from welding to painting and reducing or increasing individual parts of ragdolls; change the fundamental parameters of the world (time flow, gravity, etc.). Actually, even such a set of opportunities is enough to sculpt absolutely amazing structures and not only.

Import any game, use any tool

Garry’s Mod is one of a few games where everything really depends on your imagination. You can make static scenes and pictures. You can make a stop-motion video (removing heaps of frames and then fusing them into a video). You can have fun role-play games. You can finally just build. And yes, all this can be done in the company of other players!

By the way, there is almost no limit to the materials available to your crazy pens: in addition to being able to work with the resources of any Source game that you have (including Half Life 2), there is a huge number of mods. Cards, models from any other games, weapons of all types and shapes – these are just trinkets. How do you like the tools that allow you to create working computers, emulators of old consoles and video players from YouTube within the game? Or the opportunity to attach Kinect and have fun with it?

The Internet is full of creations for and from Garry’s Mod. Comedy sketches with mercenaries from Team Fortress 2, numerous comics of varying degrees of quality, amazing designs in the manner of the Incredible Machine … It is difficult to exaggerate the success of this game at least within the huge Steam community. This is not just a whole platform for your experiments, but a real canvas for self-expression or simple entertainment with a virtual brush. It would be safe to say that any avid gamer should at least give Garry’s Mod a shot. And you can do it online on our site! Who knows what will come from under your pen…