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Monster Truck Games

The insane driving games where monster trucks are crushing everything on their way and even other monster trucks are waiting for you in this section. Are you ready for the most exciting driving experience ever? Here you go then! The games we have uploaded here are all packed with amazing trucks, energetic action, and incredible gameplay. The trucks will get through mad obstacles, try to break through the city or natural environment, race to the finish, and destroy opponents. There will be zombies to shoot, enemies to defeat, and rivals to overcome.

Crush, balance, and act!

Most of the monster truck titles are focused on brutal and tough competitions. Just like these mighty vehicles, the games of this genre are severe. They will crush other cars, ride fast, and ruin the objects all around. However, not all of these games are focused on destructions. They also have elements that make you think hardly – the obstacles need to be avoided to keep your car safe. You will try to keep everything balanced to win the game. The real spirit of adventure and challenge will inspire you for sure! Hot rubber, noisy engine, and really gigantic cars are impressive. This section is a real source of never-ending entertainment for those who believe that the size really matters. The games here come at all varieties, so everyone will find something to his/her liking. From arcades, fighting, and shooting – you are welcome to immerse yourself in any genre. Monster trucks are perfect for all of them.

Enjoy incredible game collection for free

In this section, all fans of monster trucks will find 2D and 3D titles where they will face incredible vehicles to ride. They are awesome and some even have about 20 wheels! Can you imagine a monster like that? And now, imagine it on the road! That’s a real disaster! So if you want to become a driver of such a cool machine, waste your time no more – jump into this section and pick any title you like. You can become a war-car, a fireman, or even a brutal car fighter on the ring. Each title will make your adrenaline boost. Sometimes, you will have to perform your puzzle-solving skills, in other cases you will have to demonstrate power and speed, while in other cases, you will save the city from destruction. The plots are different, but all of them share the same thing – amazing trucks that look like monsters due to their sizes and mightiness. Enjoy the truck heaven!