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PUBG Games

PUBG games will invite you into the world of mortal fights and gripping shootouts. You will be thrown to a far-off island surrounded by a crowd of enemies trying to kill you. Your task is to survive while killing everyone else. For that, you will have a wide array of weapons that can be picked up right on the spot as well as your own tactical wisdom. 

Prepare for the battle!

The rules of the game are quite simple. The last surviving player or team, which can consist of two or four people, wins. Moreover, to win it is not at all necessary to kill other players. On the contrary, unnecessary fights can hinder your victory. It is much better to play stealthily and only engage in combat when there is an advantage over the enemy.

Although the genre itself does not imply any framework or rules. Your playstyle is entirely up to you. You can be “Rambo”, but you can become an invisible ninja. The same goes for the choice of weapons. The player can use whatever weapon he likes. Although it should be added that at the beginning of the match, the player has nothing. And the search for weapons is carried out on the map. Therefore, sometimes you have to fight with what came to hand. Whether it’s a machine gun, a revolver, or even a frying pan.

You also need to find protection – body armor and a helmet. Medicines – first aid kits and bandages. Boosts are energy and pain relievers. They restore health and also help you run faster. In addition, you must not forget to pick up a backpack, a few grenades and a can of gasoline. Gasoline is needed for vehicles that appear throughout the map. And although the vehicle in the game is always fueled, fuel may run out at the wrong time.

Take out your enemies!

Now that you have everything you need, your task is to keep an eye on the white circle on the map. This is a safe area to go to. Anything outside the white circle will be absorbed by blue radiation, which gradually kills the player. The smaller the safe area, the more dangerous it is to be outside of it. Therefore, be careful and always keep an eye on your location.

Use transport to quickly get to a safe place. Another danger is the red zone. This is the area that is being shelled. Saving yourself is pretty easy. It is enough just to run into any room with a roof. The bombardment lasts about a minute. After that, you can go outside and continue the game. Play PUBG games online and enjoy the process!