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Match 3 Games

Match 3 games are a fascinating world of balls and crystals that must be placed in the correct way to get points and complete the level. When you have no desire to get involved with anything complicated, but you feel like spending your time enjoying some easy game, open this section and line up the figures in three, or better, even more, so that they disappear and turn into points in your virtual pocket! Kids, office staff, housewives and businessmen love to play match 3 games.

Available in a great variety, they find their devoters with ease. The simple and addictive process allows you to automatically get through all the tough parts, even when the levels get really difficult!


Clear the screen, pass the level, set a record!


So how does the whole process unfold? You will see a playing field packed with colorful pieces – each of them takes up a separate cell. You can move the neighboring images so that they build lines vertically or horizontally. In some puzzles the cells are designed in the shape of hexagonal honeycombs. In this case, the rules can also allow for diagonal chains to be made. Each created group of figures immediately disappears. Then a certain amount of bonuses is credited to the game account. And new puzzle elements descend to the vacant space from above, and the screen is always filled with all kinds of figures.


More than just matching chips!


Some games of the genre are just as simple as that. But some are graced with a story and you match all these tiles for a specific purpose. For example, there are ancient artifact particles among the figures in the puzzle. They can’t participate in making chains, but must go down to the bottom of the playing field – for this, the disappearing lines must be drawn under them. After reaching the bottom row, they become part of the collected artifact. A round of such a game continues until the broken artifact is restored. And the goal of all the fun will be to collect a complete collection of relics – they can be from a real country like Ancient Greece, Mesopotamia, Egypt, or belong to fictitious places like the mythical Atlantis. And how about helping the characters restore an old mansion and collect enough money for buying new furniture? Maybe you’d like to open and furnish your own zoo? There are plenty of great stories and adventures waiting for you in our amazing match 3 games. Play and see for yourself!