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Gacha Life Games

Have you ever heard of Gacha Life? It's a special kind of RPG where you are responsible not only for customizing your character and following the storyline, but also for writing one! Let's look at this process in detail.

Create a character from scrach!

The game is broken into several modules. The first one is Home. Just as its name suggests, it’s a place where you can get busy with the main thing without which the whole idea is meaningless – characters. Heroes can be created basically from scratch, starting with several fundamental options that can be further customized to your liking. You can alter almost every detail of their appearance. You don’t like the shape of your avatar’s nose? No problem, just make it smaller or bigger! Want to make his or her eyes more expressive? How about using a non-standard color – for instance, violet or orange? And that’s just the beginning. Skin tons and hairstyles also vary to a great extent. You can come up with hundreds of feature combinations and even set a certain expression for your character’s face (make it kind or evil, smiling or frowning).

Home also contains plenty of options for establishing a cool wardrobe. There are an endless number of things you can try on and mix together coming up with various images. Each item of clothes is available in several varieties, so you won’t have a problem matching styles and colors. All this diversity is completed with a vast selection of shoes and accessories that can add a unique zest to the way your avatar looks. Plus you can also provide your hero with a nice company and get them a pet. Now you are ready to start living in this fanciful virtual reality!

Write your own story and live a full life!

Gacha Life isn’t only about creating charascters, it’s also about creating stories. You can produce them in the Studio module. Of course, they won’t look like a real movie, rather like a sequence of animations, but it’s very interesting as well. Especially when you’re the one in control of the entire process! Again, you can pick and adjust every detail of the setting – the poses in which your heroes are standing or sitting, the location (aka background) and other nuances that will make the whole picture plausible and fascinating. The characters participating in one scene can even interact and talk to each other! And all of that will be available for you to enjoy as a coherent story once you finish your work. You can share it with your friends and other Gacha users and see how they evaluate it!

Your Gacha avatars won’t be static – you can improve them and increase their level, build relationships with other players and generally lead an eventful existence. This is done in the Life module where you can check out various locations, participate in a great number of events, meet other Gachers and NPC and receive gems to buy more clothes and background. Gems can be also won in a set of mini-games created specifically for that purpose.

This is just a brief overview of things you can do in Gacha Life. Join this wonderful game and have tons of fun!