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3 Player Games Play Online for Free

Computer games are a wonderful way to while away some time whether you are chilling out at home, are stuck in a traffic jam or sitting on a boring staff meeting. They allow us to travel to different worlds, put on the roles of a noble knight, cosmic ranger, superhero, restaurant manager and many other. But it is even more fun when you can share a virtual adventure with a friends. That’s where our 3-Player Game category will come in handy! Here you’ll find plenty of games for two players in all possible genres. So let’s begin!



Find out who’s stronger!

What’s your favorite genre of computer games? Perhaps you enjoy wrestling, boxing or a good shootout? Or you are more keen on solving puzzles and playing chess? Any of these genres can be found in our vast library. Arrange a chess or pool tournament or play Uno using phones instead of a stack of cards. You can try on the shoes of a sportsman and try to beat your friend in a soccer or tennis match. For those thrilled with fantasy settings, we have Warlords: Epic Conflict where you can check your strategic skills and gather an army to launch an attack on your friend’s castle. There is even the good familiar Tic Tac Toe for two players. If you are into a bit more explosive genres, you’ll definitely appreciate Bomberman and Bomb It with their tense action and motley cartoon visuals. For sci-fi fans, we have Robot Duel Fight where you can set up a death match using futuristic technologies.

Learn to cooperate

However, it doesn’t have to be all about destroying and sparring. You can play as a team saving the city from villains by choosing your favorite superheroes in Ninja Turtles Save New York or set out on a thrilling adventure in the Pyramid Maze. Teamwork is important when your heroes have totally different skills, like in the Fireboy & Watergirl series. 3-player games where you need to cooperate are sometimes even tougher and therefore more exciting than those where you compete against each other! After all, what are real friends for?

Famous franchises

Our site closely follows all recent releases and updates its library with the latest installments of world famous franchises. For instance, you can find out how it is to be a bacteria or a worm in the legendary and series. In this games, you have to control a tiny cell that moves around the map in search of food constantly meeting its keen that can either eat you up or become your own food. If you prefer a more dynamic gameplay, try the World of Tanks. This battle simulator puts you in the position of a tank operator thrown into the middle of a fierce combat. Surviving in it will require good reflexes, nerves of steel and some tactical thinking. And of course you can invite your friend to duel in Mortal Combat choosing one of the well-known fighters, each having their own unique abilities and hits. If you are looking for an interesting story and impressive battling with high-quality visuals, try Shadow Fight 3 that will allow you to feel like a real ninja. The family of 3-player games is quite vast, you just need to pick what suits your preferences and launch it on our site!