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Point and click Games

The type video games known as point and click is a very special one, because it unites a great variety of genres. This type is something like a method of how you, gamers, interact with the digital entertainment. It is characterized by a special way of control that doesn’t require keyboard, so no button combinations are needed. You just use the mouse, move the cursor and choose the area you would like to activate, then click it and proceed with other manipulations.

Usually, such titles don’t have any other controls except pointing the objects with your mouse and moving, changing, or manipulating them in any other way. Sometimes, point and click titles are made for consoles and in this case, gamers use other devices to interact with the game process. Namely, they use joysticks and other similar controllers. The principle of point and click is simple and we know it from our everyday computer usage. Just like you click the link and get transferred to another website or click a folder on your PC and get to another place, point and click games transfer you to other places inside of the game.

The history of such titles started with graphical stories that immerse you into some kind of a novel with pictures, where you are the main character, who makes decisions by means of clicking and moving forward. This happened long time ago, in 80s. At that time, it was a very comfortable way for users to control the game, since the capacities of computers and graphics were pretty low. However, with time the capacities have grown, but these titles are still attracting the attention of millions fans just because they are simple, fun, relaxing and story-driven, which a pretty rare case in small games of nowadays. Thus, when the point to click titles have just appeared, it was a real twist in the game world. Before this format was created, gamers had to control a character from the first person perspective, while point to click format made it possible to see the character on the screen and operate him in another way. The older titles used a lot of text to support the story of the game, so they were more like visual novels you can play, not just read. Today, some developers make their titles look old-school by adding text into the games, which is perceived as some special charm and style. On this website, you will find a great deal of various point to click titles of all imaginable genres, from dress ups for girls to real horror-games! We also have arcades, puzzles, adventures and many more, all made in the style of point and click, so try them all and have fun!