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Spore Games

Starting as a small cell and becoming a real master of the entire galaxy – this is a long and challenging way you will have to pass in all parts of Spore series. Not only this way is difficult and thrilling, but extremely funny, engaging, and exciting – the developers did everything to make the gameplay variable and interesting for everyone. The game can boast of being a real treasure box of opportunities and if you are fond of creative entertainments, then you will find it great. You will have to go through five stages of evolution – a cell, beast, tribal creature, part of a civilization and finally – a cosmic god.

Each level includes unique tasks, features, challenges, aims, and style. The game allows you to enjoy a full freedom of actions though. You can skip some stages of they don’t seem too appealing. For example, instead of playing for a small cell, getting out of the water, starting to live on the land as a social creature, etc., you are welcome to jump to the creation and building level. Start the game from the most amazing stage and create the universes, civilizations, and see them developing. Fly around the galaxy and discover new planets and forms of life.
You are the one to decide what to do with the world you create and your own destiny. The game allows you to use endless tools and materials for creation and you are welcome to apply them and make everything that comes to your mind. From creatures and buildings to star ships and other planets – you can do whatever you want to. This game was initially created for one player, but your creations are shareable and you can allow other players see and interact with them. The other participants from the server can do the same, which means that the number of possible interactions and discovery is limitless! You can create any type of universe – from the smallest pond with microorganisms to an entire galaxy. Whether you want to see molecules or epic starships – the choice is yours. Let your character go through all the stages of evolution and make right decisions because the most creative and inventive one will survive.
Discover new galaxies and decide your further actions as you want. Decide if your creature will rule the world and develop new forms of life or become a destroyer that brings the world into chaos and breaks the planets into small pieces. Share your creations with the world and let your ideas gladden other players as well – all the content created in the game can be freely shared and enjoyed online. Combine your ideas and be open to endless development options and scenarios. Good luck and have fun whether you play for a small cell or for a real god! On this site, you will find all existing chapters of Spore, so enjoy them all for free.