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Play Store Games

Everyone who has an Android device knows what Play Store is. It’s a place where you can find the latest apps for Android – and of course games. However, not all of them may be affordable to you. And even if a game costs mere pennies, you don’t always have enough money on your mobile account to download them right away. What should you do then? Look for your favorite Play Store games online on our site!

Action, speed and fights – games for adventure seekers

Tastes differ. And it’s also true for games. Some people seek adrenaline and action, others prefer to use their brains rather then their fingers. There are also those looking for a balanced mix of both. Our Play Store games allow you to choose just the one that will keep you glued to your smartphone or tablet screen for hours!

Try on the shoes of a special agent skilled in martial arts and weapon handling, perform perilous missions, fight against hordes of enemies and get valuable rewards for successful completion. Or plunge into the chaos of a roaring battlefield packed with running soldiers, shooting tanks and exploding mines. Or construct your own robot to fight on an intergalactic arena of the distant future. The options are multiple. Various platformers, runners, races and MMORPG will quench your thirst for adventures and allow you to connect to thousands of other players you can team up with or compete against.

Logic, management and simulators – games for your brain

If you don’t like fuss and noise, welcome to a wide choice of strategy and puzzle games where you can take your time to think and plan. Build a city from scratch and guide it to prosperity, find a way out of a tricky labyrinth or solve a logical riddle that seems unsolvable. Various business simulators are also a nice way to see how well you can manage things and take decisions. Open your own dining outlet from a cheap fast-food wagon to a luxurious restaurant or expand a small store into a thriving supermarket chain.

Play Store games also feature plenty of games for girls. If you enjoy picking up clothes, doing hair and makeup, you can polish your skills on a virtual model. Dress a girl up for various occasions and choose the right cosmetics to create a stunning image. You can also learn new recipes from cooking games and take care of a baby in motherhood simulators. The smallest players will also find a good deal of educative Android games on our site. Just look through our list of most popular Play Store games and choose the one you like!