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Bomb It Games

If you are old enough, you must remember the game about BomberMan, where you had to control a small fellow, who looks like an astronaut, and places bombs across the environment to make his way through the obstacles and defeat the enemies. This was a Japanese title and it looked like an old anime-game. Characters were very different, from a well-known main BomberMan to a BomberDog!

Feeling nostalgic about those times? Well, now you have a modern and improved version of bombing – Bomb It! This title is all about blowing and destroying. However, there is no way you can succeed if you will do the destructions chaotically. Your actions must thought-out and well-planned! Know where to place the next bomb to reach the best result and continue moving to your aim.

There different characters available at Bomb It, both boys and girls. You can choose the one your like. The central ones are a blond girl dressed in a pink suit and a boy dressed in a blue outfit. The others also are distinguished by the color of their clothes – green, orange, violet, etc. Each level is unique and colorful. The game artists did their best to create beautiful environment for every stage, which reminds of various places, like a classroom or even a jungle forest. You will be moving your character on the screen: up, down, left and right. The rooms are filled with blocks and your aim is to ruin them with bombs. Some blocks have hidden items and bonuses inside. They will help you make your damage stronger, increase your speed, and more. Bombing the blocks, you will have an access to more places and your final destination. In most parts, you will compete against other bombers. Be careful – the fire produced by the bombs will hurt your character if he or she touches it. Both the enemies’ and your own bombs can do harm, so make sure that you know how far do they strike. Hide from the fire simply moving around the corner or making a couple of steps aside. Be careful and plan your bomb-placing ahead. It is very important for you to have a vision of your future movements, because the game features some strategical thinking. You cannot just put the bombs chaotically, but need to plan the next move. Don’t forget to secure your character from the fire every time you see a bomb nearby.

There is a lot of games in this incredible series, so you will have an opportunity to spend an entire week or even month placing the bombs all over the place. Explosions are fun! Especially, when the entire process is built in a smart and engaging manner. Whether you choose to play for a pink bombing princess or her adorable friend, you will surely have a really good time. The game is pretty addictive, so we bet that you won’t stop after completing the first part. Feel free to move to the next parts after you are done. We have uploaded all Bomb It parts on this site, so you will find them all easily at a couple of clicks. Every part can be played online free of charge! So if you are ready to make some noise and blows – you are most welcome to start right away!