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Geometry Dash Games

If you love arcades and look for something unusual, you’ll definitely appreciate this amazing game called Geometry Dash! Your goal is to play as a adventure-thirsty cube (and later other figures) that rolls across various loony settings overcoming tricky obstacles and gaining points for his deeds. If you collide with an object in your way, the level starts all over again. In the full version of the game, you’ll also find a level editor where you can create your own locations and share them with other players.

Tap and move

The gameplay is pretty easy. You need to tap your screen to make your character perform certain actions. Almost all levels are unlocked from the very beginning, so you can complete them in any order. Each location hosts three secret coins that are scattered in hidden and impassable places. There are also special spheres that allow the character to jump or fly, change the gravitation or make a flip in the air. By passing through portals, you can alter your size, gravitation and speed, split into two cubes, teleport, mirror the game screen or turn into another character. For those who are just starting to play, there is a practice mode where you can’t gather coins, but can get the hang of controls and warm up your fingers.

Pick your character

Geometry Dash starts by choosing your character. You can select its shape and color. There are the following varieties to select from:

– Cube. Jumps 2 blocks up and 3.5 blocks ahead. If you hold down the controls, it will keep jumping until you let go.
– Ship. Press and hold down the control button to make the ship fly upwards. However, it also has gravitation and if you let go the ship will eventually fall.
– Sphere. When you press the button, the sphere changes its gravitation and is either drawn towards the ceiling or falls.
– UFO. Pressing the button will throw the UFO up at a certain distance. If you don’t press the button, it will fall under the effect of gravitation.
– Arrow. When you hold down the button, the arrow rises upwards following a diagonal trajectory and sinks downward when you let go. You can’t put it on standing blocks since it will die. But if the block has a special invisible trigger, it can roll along it.
– Robot. By holding the button, you can make the robot jump at a distance defined by the time of pressing the button. It jumps 2 blocks higher than the cube.
– Spider. Unlike the sphere, can instantly teleport to another area by changing gravitation.
– Helicopter. Looks like a double sphere that smoothly rises and falls when you press the button.

Plenty of versions to choose from

Geometry Dash is available in a wide variety of versions. You can pick Geometry Dash Lite, Geometry Dash Meltdown, Geometry Dash World or Geometry Dash SubZero. Each of them has its own features, peculiar levels and modes you are going to explore. The game comes with a unique soundtrack that will keep your adrenaline pumping. Make your choice and enjoy the colorful world of geometric shapes where it’s up to you whether you sweep through the level like a breeze or get stuck in a trap that are waiting for you on every step!