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Evil Nun Games

Evil Nun is a horror game where you have to run away from a locked church. Your main opponent is the Nun who wants to run a Satanic ritual and unleash forces of hell on our world. You have to stop her by getting out of her grip before she has a chance to do it. That will include exploring the building, solving puzzles and hiding from your enemy. Are you ready to begin?

Escape the cursed school!

The action unfolds on a location that you would never suspect of any involvement with evil. The main character goes to school, where he will be kept locked up by the main monster of this game – the Nun, which is possessed by an ancient demon. Also, in addition to the player himself, the Nun holds other children that are also locked up, on whom she put on masks so that they can’t escape. During the game, you need to look for keys and many other items that will eventually help you get out from the cursed place. There are also many puzzles to solve, so be careful, attentive and use your logic!

You can escape from school alone. Or you can rescue other children and make your way to freedom together. In order to save the children, you need to find seven pieces of the mask. If you decide to play the game with all the kids locked inside the school, you must definitely go through all seven chapters: the labyrinth, the Satanic ritual, the room with a mini-game, the stealing mouse, the gift from a nun, the secret of a cemetery and the explosion at altitude. Each of these chapters has something to surprise you!

Get away from the Nun!

However, you won’t get far if you forget that your enemy is near. This woman is very dangerous. In her left hand, the Nun holds a sledgehammer, with which she can kill the player if they are too careless. In general, in the game you need to be extremely cautious, since the Nun hears and sees everything. One loud step – and she will know where you are. So you have to be ready to run and hide any time. 

There are several modes: sleep, ghost, easy, normal, difficult, and the toughest is extreme. It’s advisable to start with the easiest one just to get used to the gameplay. There are also coins in the game, for which you can buy pieces of a mask, pistols and other things to neutralize the Nun for a while. Of course, it won’t kill her, but at least you’ll have a few spare minutes to avoid a grim fate. Start playing Evil Nun online right now and enjoy the thrill!