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Animatronic Games

Every person is familiar with the feeling of fear caused by various things – darkness, height, enclosed spaces, insects, wild animals and, of course, our imagination. Security guard Mike Schmidt encountered his fears in the most ordinary-looking pizzeria filled with funny animated dolls. It was only after dark that they came to life and turned a cozy place into a nightmare. To survive until morning, Mike must take courage and be ready for anything

Once the sun goes down, animatronics begin to roam the territory of the pizzeria and look for people to turn into dolls. Now Mike will require attentiveness, strength, dexterity, ingenuity, dexterity, quick reflexes and your help to save his life. So pull yourself together and go to Freddy’s pizza house for a truly scary and exciting adventure! Help Mike Schmidt to stay alert and don’t let the animatronics get to him in our online animatronic games. There are also other missions waiting for you, such as feeding the bloodthirsty friends of Freddie, shooting them down and even creating a new animatronic!

Survive through the night

What could be worse then plush toys hunting you down? The revived toy bear wants to get your soul, and yet you are a usual night watchman who got a job in the pizzeria. Animatronics entertaining visitors during the day, live a secret and pretty evil life at night. If someone shows up in the pizza house during off-hours, the animatronics will think it’s just an endoskeleton without a suit and try to shove him into Freddie’s skin in the workshop. It will be fatal for a person who turns out to be their victim and our hero can become such an experimental model. The night watchman needs to endure five nights that will grow ever more scarier and tougher. To survive, Mike will have to use surveillance cameras and remote control doors. Freddie himself will not be visible through the cameras, and only his eyes will give him away, so you need to be very vigilant and keep him at a safe distance. You can also limit the movement of toys by controlling the doors and turning the lights on and off to save the scarce supply of electricity. In addition to Freddie himself, there are a lot of other dangerous characters threatening Mike’s life. Freddy’s Shadow, Girl with Balls, Paper Buddy – meeting them doesn’t bode well for our hero. Be careful, don’t take your eyes off surveillance systems and you may stand a chance!