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Children like to play online games, because they allow them become everyone they dream about. Kids can test their courage in adventurous expeditions, train their logic in puzzle games, learn more about their favorite sport and interact with their favorite characters. And it is cool to play them online and for free, because you may check out any application without being troubled about asking your parents to give some money for unlocking a certain object or ability. Kid may play everywhere you want, using his or her computer, smartphone or tablet, and can enjoy favorite game even in a long queue or while adults are shopping. So, what can you find in our great catalogue?

Here you will meet Disney Princesses that will fight for their love and happy life in the end, and you may join their breathtaking adventures. You may observe how transformers change their appearance and make their enemies regret about their evil intentions. The eternal fight of angry birds and evil pigs will make you wonder, whose side to choose, because you may play for both. The large io family allows you to become a snake, worm, bacteria, tank and many other objects that you can only imagine; they are simple, but well-thought at the same time, and they allow you to get to the top, but remember that this place is hard to hold.

Friendly ponies invite you to their Equestrian territory of friendship, where you will learn how much good people around you mean. Girls from Monster high movie will prove that scars are beautiful as well, and these girls’ super powers will defeat any opponent. If you like to construct various things, Minecraft will help you to implement any idea into life, while you will be fighting with vicious creatures around you. There are so many superheroes, and each of them will teach you to cherish important values, like friendship and taking care about those, who are weak and helpless.