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Zombie Games

You must have seen the hordes of zombies in movies and TV shows for a thousand of times. These are brainless creatures that have no other passion but killing and eating someone. They attack cities and murder people, gathering in large crowds that are hard to defeat. As a rule, killing a zombie is a real challenge – indeed, it is hard to kill something that is already dead. What is more, their hunger and thirst for blood is enormous, so they are ready to do anything to get what they want.

When killing zombies, you need to make precise shots right in their heads! Sometimes, they revive and come back. This means that you are unlucky! However, you are even more unlucky if one of them bites you – they carry that nasty zombie infection and it will turn you into a monster as well! Beware!

Stop the zombies and save the world

When the zombie apocalypse starts, someone needs to become a hero and save the world. In the presented games, you are going to play this role! Be brave and get ready for a challenge! In most games, you will communicate with other survivals and chances are that together you will defeat the enemies and save yourself from painful death. You will use various weapons, including guns and bombs. Some games will also provide you with trucks and cars that can be used not only as transport to carry you away from the hot spot. The vehicles can also serve as weapon against the zombies. You can smash and crush them while you ride, which is a real fun! Some games here are three-dimensional, the other use the old-fashioned style of two dimensions. Also, you will find out that zombie games can be very diverse. Sometimes, these are horrible survivals in extreme conditions, while sometimes these are funny and humorous colorful titles. Both are great!

Choose the game and play it for free

Browse the list of incredible online entertainments we have gathered for you! All of them are in free access, which means that you can launch them right from your browser or mobile phone at any moment. There is no need to pay or even download – the full free versions of cool game are at your disposal. Among them you will find ZombsRoyale, a great Io title where you participate in a massive battle against hungry zombies. Also, there is Realistic Zombie Survival Warfare here, a game that looks like a movie where you have to survive in tough conditions, surrounded by the army of the undead. Also, you will stickman who is now a zombie ranger and defender of his town. Zombie Tsunami and Zombie Smasher will put you against numerous terrifying creatures that will never end – the waves of the undead will keep coming at you, so shoot and save your life! There are more titles to check out, so you will definitely find them amazing and spend hours on this page! If you like zombie-stories, this is the section for you. Load your gun with patrons and keep your eyes wide open if you don’t want to be eaten!