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Play Girl Games Now

Girls of all ages like fancy dresses, shopping, dances and cute boys. You will find plenty of adorable games on this site, and enjoy the relaxing game-play. Everything is possible, when you have complete control over the chosen characters, and our games give you such an opportunity. You may choose anyone, including toddlers, teenagers, adult women and even grandmothers. There are plenty of options for you: you can become the best dress-maker of superstars, sew beautiful clothing for toys and go on a date with the Prince Charming!

You can shop without paying, date with any cute guy you like, and put on costumes you wouldn’t dare in real life. If you are interested in something more, you can choose adventurous games with your favorite characters. If you like animals, you may get one as your best friend, and mother it every day. A tiny fairy or fearless Dora will always accompany you in adventures, if you only let them. If you are a girl, no matter how old you are, you will find here cool game that will make your free-time full of fun and adventures.