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Game information

Game title: Wreckfest

Category: Boys Games
Game description:

Racing simulators remain popular despite their long history. After all, there are many people looking for adrenaline and tearing down a winding track in a virtual bolide is much safer than trying to pull off stunts like that on a real road. That’s why racing games are becoming more and more thrilling and challenging, with a variety of flips, drifts and other ways to test your wheels and gain valuable bonuses. Wreckfest is just that kind of game. Discard the rules! You are going to anticipate full freedom and the thrill of speed! Epic collisions, intense contest till the finish line and millions of way to curve and smash metal – this is what is waiting for you in this amazing racing simulator with super plausible physics from famous studio Bugbear that gave us FlatOut!

Melt the wheels and crash the metal – let the competition set off! The diversion suggests plenty of variants for customization and upgrading your vehicle. Perhaps you are readying for a survival race? If so, it’s advisable to install an enhanced bumper, extra hard frame, side protection and whatever else you can think of. You can also upgrade your engine, set up new filters, gas cylinder and other improvements of the kind. You’ll hardly find a more thrilling battle races in the web! Start your very first Wreckfest race right now and see whether you can get to end the race first!