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Amnesia: Rebirth

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Game information

Game title: Amnesia: Rebirth

Category: Survival Horror
Game description:

The previous parts of Amnesia got us hooked up with the atmosphere and a well-thought-out plot, where mysticism was intertwined with historical reality, which, however, already stands somewhere near the mysteries and magic in our minds. The third chapterof the game, called Rebirth, organically complements the canon set earlier.

In terms of content, everything is as before – mystical artifacts, monsters and the line between two worlds. The plot has shifted into the future: the action now takes place in the 1930s in the Algerian desert, that, by the way, the hero of the first part also visited.This time, the focus is on the archaeologist Tasi Trianon, a member of the crew of the crashed Kassandra plane. The girl wakes up on board the fallen ship – she doesn’t remember anything and tries to find the rest of the crew.

The immersion process corresponds to the first two chapters: first, we move linearly through the labyrinths of the caves, then we find the starting objects and fragmentarily recall the past through countless notes. In accordance with the previous games, Amnesia: Rebirth delivers the story through diaries, notes and drawings.

The main character actively reacts to what is happening – she comments, talks to herself and shows various emotions. Previously, we played for really bad characters, much less generous with feelings, which, however, didn’t stop us from becoming attached to them. Just remember the explorer Daniel who killed many innocent people in the name of his own salvation, or Oswald Mandus, a distraught entrepreneur.

Tasi Trianon, on the other hand, is a girl trying to find her missing husband and save a child, which sounds like a fairly obvious and standard idea. The original motivation of the heroine is too different from everything that moved the characters before: previously, the heroes presented the search for memories as the very goal. Now the accents seem to have shifted: everything is not important, the main thing is to rescue your family. Will you be able to do that? And what mysterious are you about to discover in the process? Play and find out!