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Angry Birds 2

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Game information

Game title: Angry Birds 2

Category: Angry Birds
Game description:

Again, Birds VS Pigs battle begins! This time, Angry Birds 2 is on the run. A nasty Piggy has stolen the Birds’ eggs and took them away on the air liner. What an evil plan he has! Birds are even angrier than ever, and they are always angry (that’s why they have this name). Defeat these thieves with the mighty squad of your Angry Birds. The bird-bombing starts now! Have no mercy for those green creatures and show them how strong you are. The eggs should be taken back and you can do that with a team of your comrades. The Pig bosses are powerful, but you are brave and the truth is on your side! It’s time for the greatest struggle of the century to start. Jump into the Angry Birds game right now!