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Animal Crossing

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Game information

Game title: Animal Crossing

Category: Adventure
Game description:

The series of amazing life simulator made in Japan will surely adore every gamer! In every title of the franchise, you are going to play for a guy that appears in a real kingdom of colorful animals, ready to accept him as their ruler. With all admiration, anthropomorphic dogs, sheep, deer, and other creatures are willing to make you the head of the city and gladly show you everything that happens in their fantastic city. Mostly, they prefer spending their time having fun, collecting insects, and retrieving precious stones and materials from the underground (and above the surface). The series of the games is famous for being free from any plots and stories – you are the one to write your own story here. Also, there is a simulating feature that imitates the time flow, so the in-game time is moving just like in the reality.
The city is full of ordinary and specific characters. The ordinary ones are pretty much the same and you will meet them on the streets all the time. While the specific animals are different for every part of the series. There is a raccoon that works as a rental broker and offers you to sell your houses and make a really winning deal (with no percent). Also, there is a mole that comes on the surface every time you finish the game without saving it. He is usually very angry that you forget to save the new achievements! However, in the freshest parts of the game, there is an automatic saving function, so the old mole has other things to do now. There is also a dog-musician that gives concerts in the main hall of the city! Meet them all and make friends in the Animal Crossing universe.
The playing process here is non-linear, which means that you don’t have a particular aim or task to complete. You just hang out with different animals, having fun and doing entertaining stuff. Gather the objects, plant trees, and communicate with the dwellers of the city to make your time there really amusing. The game has inner time, which means that you will witness the way the night changes the day, seasons flow, and so on. To see the trees, you have planted big enough, you will have to wait for a certain period of time! This is one of the most attractive and unique features of the game – the inner time that flows like real, being digital. On our website, you will find different parts and version of Animal Crossing, so you can enjoy this incredible world of human-like animals and create your own amazing story there! Get along with the cute citizens, enjoy the activities they have to offer, and just have fun! The game is calming and relaxing while there are no missions you need to accomplish – just enjoy your life in a fantastic animal city.