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Ark: Survival Evolved Mobile

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Game information

Game title: Ark: Survival Evolved Mobile

Category: Adventure
Game description:

Do you think you could survive on an island packed with dinosaurs and creatures from a prehistoric era? You have a chance to check that in a game call Ark: Survival Evolved Mobile. Along with other players, you will be abandoned on the edge of the world and will have to face all the perils and challenges of this wild place with bravery and ingenuity. The game offers both an option to play on your own and in a multiplayer.

To feel safe amidst all those dangerous creatures, you have to build a base. That can be done by gathering structure elements scattered all over the maps. Doors, windows and pieces of floor can be gained as your level increases. With the necessary materials and logistics, you can create various types of structures. However, once the building is compete, it doesn’t mean that it can’t be ruined. Structures can be undermined if their fundament and pillars are exposed to any kind of damage, so you’ll have to take care of it as well. You can also create various instruments and weapons to increase the efficiency of your labor and protect yourself. Starting with the basic spear, you can go as far as to crafting a machine gun with a flashlight.

Your life parameters also can’t be disregarded. Physical harm can diminish you health bar, but it will gradually restore. Health regeneration can also be sped up by using special items or eating the necessary food. Particular dangers comes from the dinosaurs roaming around. There is a great variety of them and the best part is that you can actually tame them. Once that happens, you will be able to ride that creature and use its abilities. Some of the dinosaurs can swim or fly which can come in quite handy. The attack, health and speed of the dinosaur is also added to your arsenal.

But dinosaurs aren’t the only creatures you should be afraid of. Other humans on the islands might show hostility towards you as well. Be ready to defend yourself if danger strikes. Holding out in Ark: Survival Evolved is rather challenging, so you’ll need to react quickly to situations at hand and also demonstrate some strategic thinking. Good luck!