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Baldi’s Basics Classic

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Game information

Game title: Baldi’s Basics Classic

Category: Baldi’s Basics
Game description:

If you have ever thought that your math teacher is a creepy guy, then this game will surely reflect your deepest childhood fears. Here you will meet Baldi, a school teacher with strange behavior. He is fond of math to madness and seems to be very intolerant to people that are not that good in this subject. When appearing in Baldi’s school, you will find yourself locked there and there is no way you can leave before you deal with all tasks Baldi has for you. There is a serious problem here – first, you need to find all the notebooks that contain the tasks. Second, you will realize that these tasks are impossible to accomplish. Well, but your math teacher doesn’t really care about that! So he will start chasing you. You will have to run away from Baldi and hide whenever he comes too close. Don’t let him approach to close – whenever you do that, he will scare you to death and the game will be over. Baldi is not only creepy and violent, he is also very fast. At the minute he sees you, this monster starts moving as fast as a lightning and you have a pretty small chance to run away. While Baldi has weapon – a large rule that he uses to punish his students physically, you have nothing to oppose. There are no weapons or instruments to fight Baldi, so everything you can do is trying to survive. Hide, run, and do everything to keep the teacher far from you.