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Baldi’s Basics New Teacher

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Game information

Game title: Baldi’s Basics New Teacher

Category: Baldi’s Basics
Game description:

Great horrors never stop gladdening and frightening us! If you are fond of amazing series about a crazy teacher Baldi, then you must be waiting for new parts where fresh features and characters are presented. We have great news – this is the part of Baldi’s Basics where you will meet a new teacher, as the full title suggests. The plot is pretty much the same as you know it from the previous series. You are an unlucky student, left in a school with a teacher that has lost his mind. The teacher is pretty sure that even if the tasks have no solution and the young students cannot cope with them even if they are true geniuses of math, they still need to be punished. With a ruler. Right on their heads! Such a behavior will surely frighten anyone – a crazy teacher is chasing you, while you are trying to escape the horrible school and have a limited number of days to do that. But we are glad to announce a new part of the game where you will meet the new teacher and he is even scarier than Baldi was. This guy is wearing a strange mask that looks like a face of a clown from Stephen King’s novels. Or is this his own face? It doesn’t really matter when he is running after you and trying to kill you! So run as fast as you can, solve all the puzzles, and get out alive!