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Baldi’s Education Halloween

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Game information

Game title: Baldi’s Education Halloween

Category: Survival Horror
Game description:

The new Baldi’s Education mode is on the roll! Make your Halloween even creepier with the new title we have prepared for you. Again, you are wandering through the school corridors and looking for Halloween pumpkins, your classmates’ notebooks, cans, and other items. Of course, the corridors are full of ghosts, witches and other unpleasant creatures to meet. They appear here and there and say, “Let’s play!” But we are sure that the last thing you want to do in your life is playing with those monsters. Math problems are as absurd and unmanageable as always and Baldi is as crazy as he was. He will run after you moving in his really strange manner with a pumpkin on his shoulders (it’s Halloween after all!). Try to escape him and you have only yourself to blame if you are not fast and inventive enough. Also, there are some new locations for you to explore, including the school’s basement and even the outdoor environment. Baldi and you will continue the crazy chase even in a near-by forest, where you will set the fire to keep yourself warm and avoid bear traps to stay alive (and keep your teacher satisfied, of course). So enjoy the new Baldi’s mode and do your best not get frightened to death!