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Battlelands Royale

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Game information

Game title: Battlelands Royale

Category: Play Store Games
Game description:

Looking for sharp emotions? Eager to show yourself in a dangerous battle where every second can be your last one? Willing to prove that you are the best soldier on the map? Then you just need to try your hand at this amazing game! Battlelands Royale is a MMORPG online shooter that offers a view from above. The combat spans up to 23 players in real time. You’ll get to choose from a vast variety of maps and weapons which will definitely add diversity to the gameplay. The fights don’t last long, each takes only 3 to 5 minutes. Such little amount of time allows you to enjoy short, intense combats any time while also getting the necessary shot of thrill.

The battlegrounds are immense locations with varied landscape allowing players to get advantage of different tactical moves. You might wonder how can you possibly implement a clever scheme within such a short timespan, but that’s the catch. You must think quickly and take decisions on the spot. You’ll have no time to prove whether they are right or wrong. Every step can be decisive. Battlelands Royale is marvelous for developing tactical thinking and improving your reflexes. Discover its amazing possibilities and join the vast community of gamers already playing this game!