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Bloons TD 6

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Game information

Game title: Bloons TD 6

Category: Guitar
Game description:

Playing piano is challenging not only when you are sitting at a real instrument, but also when you are trying to get the hang of a virtual simulator. Magic Tiles 3 will show you just how hard it can be! Here you can take a shot not only at keys, but also at guitar and drums. There are plenty of beautiful tunes waiting for you here as well as a captivating gaming process! To produce amazing music, just hit the black keys and avoid the white ones. That’s it!

You can also try a band mode that will throw in several more instruments. Your songs will become even more memorable! The audio library is regularly updated. Here you will find classic tunes for piano and guitar while also the hits of contemporary pop and rock music. There are three levels of accuracy: perfect, great and not bad. They make the game more interesting requiring you to be precise in your moves.

You will be thrilled to play in the trial mode that challenges you to play faster if you hope to see your name at the top of the world’s rating. There is also an option to compete with other players. You can join the game via Facebook and play from several gadgets at once while still being logged in. Become a piano virtuoso and learn playing different tunes right on your smartphone!