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Bravo Stars

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Game information

Game title: Bravo Stars

Category: Brawl Stars Games
Game description:

When you’re stuck in the routine and want to experience some keen emotions, the Brawl Stars arena is open for daredevils like you! Show your fighting skills and firm hand controlling a killer team of three characters. These guys and girls are very risky, they aren’t afraid to dive right into the whirlpool of a dangerous battle. And, of course, each of them has their aces up their sleeve! In addition to the fact that you can arm the heroes at your discretion, they also have special skills that can turn the tide of the battle. Not all of them will be available instantly, the strongest must be earned. The choice of fighters for the match is provided to you, so you can think and decide which of the characters are best suited for the mode at hand. Enjoy your thrill and fire away!