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Brawl Stars

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Game information

Game title: Brawl Stars

Category: Brawl Stars Games
Game description:

Those truly brilliant game-developers, who stand behind Clash Royale, have something more to please you with. It is a game titled Brawl Stars, a new adventurous party for you to check out. You will take part in the fight with other players, running all around and shooting everyone who seems to be your rival. And in this game, everyone is your rival! The game progression will bring you new objects, heroes, and modes. By the way, every game mode has its own tasks and therefore you will be following different goals every time you choose a different one. In general, there are four of them, however, you cannot choose a particular mode yourself, the game will assign you one randomly.

The first one is all about smashing and grabbing things. There is jewelry for you to gather all over the map, but be aware that there is an enemy-team competing with you and they will attack you during the game. If one of the members dies, all the jewelry will be annulled. The second is about defense and attack. One team attacks the other one, trying to get access to the jewelry. Next one is also about gathering bonus points in the form of stars and trying to stay alive till the end. The last one is a death-fight, where you and 9 more players will try to defeat each other and the last survived one wins. Check the all – fun is guaranteed!