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Bum Simulator

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Game information

Game title: Bum Simulator

Category: Simulation
Game description:

Walking in the street, we see many homeless people. They head somewhere in shabby clothes, their hair a mess and their face covered in dirt, carrying some unidentified rubbish and often their face expression is far from adequate. We look at them with a tint of terror, disgust and compassion. But do we actually know what it’s like to lead a life like that? Alleyway Games is about to tell you! Try the latest Bum Simulator that will send you to the sandbox of a modern American city on the lowest level of life: without a home, without a job, without money and without friends.

Playing as a homeless tramp, you’ll be able to explore every nook and cranny of the city and choose your own way of surviving. You can pull your strengths together and revenge those who kicked you out in the street taking away everything you had. Or you can try and find a job to start everything from scratch. But perhaps you’ll find it way funnier to fight other tramps, ask for spare change, domesticate doves, collect food from garbage piles and eventually become a city legend! There are many secrets and achievements in the game. You’ll get to know the stories of other citizens and your own hidden powers. You’ll even have access to special alcohol alchemy!