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Car Mechanic Simulator 2020

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Game information

Game title: Car Mechanic Simulator 2020

Category: Games 2020
Game description:

Many of those who own a car, especially men, enjoy trifling with equipment. But not everyone is ready to get their hands dirty in engine oil and do heavy physical work. It is much easier to satisfy your love for cars and mechanisms with the help Car Mechanic Simulator. This is a great alternative to twisting the real cross key – just do a few mouse clicks and a vehicle that was just broken is on the go again!

The new version contains improved graphics and physics. This is a really serious step forward, the car repair shop and the vehicles themselves now look almost like AAA-simulators from EA or Ubisoft. The most noticeable new modules are garage sales and landfill – special locations where you can search for parts to be repaired and used, or old cars that can be restored and then sold at auction or left in your own collection. Almost like in auto shows on Discovery channels. The number of basic car models increased to 40, each of them having a real prototype, but due to the lack of a license, it is called differently and has a different logo. Accordingly, the number of components to be replaced grew as well. So now you can change the seats in the cabin and the glass.

The set of tools to dismantle new components of the car was also significantly expanded. For example, the engine can now be completely removed using a mini-crane and placed on a special stand, rotating it as you wish. You can now also remove the rubber from the rims on a special stand, moreover, the wheels must be centered before installing back. The same applies to shock absorbers. Besides, now you have a wider choice of diagnostic tools for testing various components of the car. Play Car Mechanic Simulator 2019 and repair the most hopeless cars until they are good as new!