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Circus of TimTim

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Game information

Game title: Circus of TimTim

Category: Survival Horror
Game description:

The Haunting Grounds of Circus of TimTim

Dive into the eerie world of Circus of TimTim, a game where stealth is your best friend and the slightest sound could be your last. In this first-person survival horror, you’re cast as one of two siblings venturing into the depths of a once-celebrated carnival, now a place of nightmares. Your mission is clear: recover your brother’s lost items with the aid of a metal detector. But tread lightly—the abandoned circus is home to entities that stalk the silence, their ears tuned to the slightest whisper of intrusion.

A Delicate Balance of Stealth and Discovery

As you navigate the dilapidated attractions and tents, the metal detector becomes both your beacon and your curse. Each beep, while leading you closer to what’s been lost, also calls out to the darkness, inviting danger with every sound. The game demands cunning and patience, pushing you to make critical decisions under pressure. Will the next beep be worth the risk, or will it bring the horrors of the circus directly to you? With every corner turned and every ticket found, the line between hunter and hunted blurs, leaving you to question whether the treasures of the past are worth the perils of the present. In Circus of TimTim, survival hinges on your ability to stay silent, stay hidden, and stay alert.