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Clash Royale 2

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Game information

Game title: Clash Royale 2

Category: Clash Royale
Game description:
This time, we welcome you to participate in online duels with other gamers, who join the server. There are different clans, which include members, who have various skills. They are strong barbarians, mighty giants, smart archers, and others. You will surely get used to the controls right away, since they are very simple. During the game, you will have three towers: a central, right, and left one. The main aim of every player: ruin a central building of your opponent while keeping your own towers safe. The game time is limited – there is only a couple of minutes to prove that you are the strongest warrior. In some cases, the time will be prolonged, but make sure to come up with flash-strategies and act really fast in the Clash Royale 2.