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Creative Destruction

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Game information

Game title: Creative Destruction

Category: Y8 , Adventure
Game description:

An enisle survival game for mobile devices Creative Destruction is crafted in the manner of the famous Fortinate, namely its Battle Royale version. However, Destruction is much more childish, cheerful, and cartoon-like looking. More than 100 players are come down in a parachute and find themselves on an island full of weapons and a plenty of interesting places to discover. All the objects found on this island can be taken to pieces. Also, you can use various parts of them to build a new object which will help you to succeed in the battle. In Creative Destruction you may have a really huge arsenal of weapons of all imaginable types, including pistols, machine guns, sniper and automatic rifles. All weapons have different colors that designate the extent of their rarity in the game. You can also use energy shields, grenades, first-aid kits and other useful things that will increase your chances to win the battle. By the way, you will have to fight to death because only the strongest will survive and therefore – win! There is an option of a team game, too: players are encouraged to unite in groups, struggling with other groups.

The gameplay of Creative Destructions is similar to PUBG and Fortinate in particular. Use your weapon to extract resources, destroying anything and everything that appears on your way: trees, buildings, cars, etc. Also, use the obtained sources to build shelters and any other kinds of structures with roofs, walls, floors, and stairs. This title can easily compete with such giants of the genre as Knives Out and the already mentioned PUBG. There are excellent graphics in the game and a wide range of characters to choose from. In a word, if you are found of smashing, cracking, and shooting – join the Creative Destruction world and you won’t regret it.

Background info

Sold by Yuan Zuo

Producer Titan Studio

Reconcilability Needs iOS 9.0 or higher; works for iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch

Language English

Game size 1.1 GB

Age 12+

Charge Free