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Game information

Game title: Cuphead

Category: Games 2017
Game description:

The hero of this amazing 2D platformer lost a bet to the Devil and now has to collect souls for him to escape a grim destiny. Travel through freakishly designed levels and fight various creatures to get to the top of it and battle the Devil himself! The game is strongly evocative of classic Disney cartoons from the 30’s, so you are probably going to feel a jolt of nostalgia even while simply looking at the animation of the game that’s been hand-drawn in line with the traditions of that vintage epoch. Despite looking so cute, the game is incredibly hard. You’ll need a good dozen of shots at each boss while also completing standard run and gun levels to get some coins. The money can be spend on buying useful items and unlocking new types of attacks. There is also online co-op mode to play with friends. So set out on a daring adventure to help Cuphead and his buddy Mugman save their poor venturous souls!