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Cursed Islands

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Game information

Game title: Cursed Islands

Category: Games Roblox
Game description:

Take a trip to the Cursed Islands and try to defeat other players! At first, participants are brought into the arena. Then they are shaken up from their sleep. And then they have several seconds to decide whether they will go to the island or not. After that, the arena is drowned in water and every player who falls into it is dead. Further events are randomly chosen on the island itself. You may be lucky to receive a sword or unlucky to be set up against a giant octopus. Each round goes on until there is just one participant left. If you are the one, you’ll gain experience allowing you to level up and a certain amount of money. Besides, you’ll also get a key to open a treasure chest. Set out on a thrilling journey across the Cursed Islands and uncover all of their mysteries!