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Death Park

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Game information

Game title: Death Park

Category: Survival Horror
Game description:

A cool escape survival horror that places you to an old and creepy park of attractions. Years ago, this was the most cheerful and beautiful place in town. Families came here for a weekend and had a rest. Some of them preferred a circus located nearby. However, something happened and the park as well as the circus became old, grey, and frightening. The attractions don’t move anymore while the circus is absolutely empty. Or maybe it is not… The pure evil is hiding there and you will have to test your nerves trying to avoid it. You will get caught by a demonic clown if you act not carefully enough, so watch out and stay quite.
The clown here is a monster and he will kill you at the moment he gets to you. The only option you have here is to run and hide. You cannot kick or even murder the monster, because you don’t have any weapons. However, we bet that even if you did have anything, the clown wouldn’t have died from bullets or knives. He seems to be invisible like a spirit of horror and pain. If he uncovers you at some moment, you won’t leave this place alive. Make sure that you are absolutely silent and try not to make noises. The objects around you can make noises accidentally, so be sure not to touch anything. During your adventures in a horrible park, you will find some helpful items and they will make your survival a bit easier, but in general the game is really hard. And horrible. Enter it right now if you are ready to experience something really nightmarish!