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Dragon Hills 2

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Game information

Game title: Dragon Hills 2

Category: Play Store Games
Game description:

Spaceships, dragons, zombies, cowboys… wait what? How can all of these guys be characters of a single game? Too many questions, my friend, we don’t have time for this. The apocalypse is about to come, so hurry up and jump in the mechanical dragon to save the Earth! This is an action adventure game that will amaze you with exciting rhythm and a great variety of characters from different worlds. Want to know how is it possible to combine everything you can imagine in one game? Try Dragon Hills 2! Surprises are waiting for you on every step you make. It’s fun, it’s explosive, it’s incredibly dynamic. You can destruct anything you can see, including cars, building, bridges and everything else. The environment can be destroyed completely and this is the main feature of the game.