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Dream Daddy Joseph and Robert Ending

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Game information

Game title: Dream Daddy Joseph and Robert Ending

Category: Games 2017
Game description:

Are you eager to get some positive emotions and date cool guys? Before you cry Yes!, you need to know that your character is a nice, kind dad, and he is dating males. Though it sounds a bit strange, you will adore this game that became a bestseller within a couple of days. You create a character, and answer a couple of questions that will control your dad’s behavior. Your dad’s got a daughter that is finishing school, and you need to take care about her. But your character decided that he is ready for new love, and your task is to help him achieve this goal via a set of unusual dates.

There are seven dads in a new area, and you need to date each of them. You will have three meetings with every man, and he will give you a mark, saying how good couple you will be. Though, you can make a quick choice, judging by appearance, and jump into a man’s bed, but you’d better enjoy the process of getting acquainted with daddies and make a deliberate choice. No one is perfect, and men have their drawbacks, but you need to know, with whom your relationships will be balanced. No matter that you partner you choose, you will have great fun in the process, and see the reason why the Dream Daddy: A Dad Dating Simulator became so popular.