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Eyes Scary Thriller

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Game information

Game title: Eyes Scary Thriller

Category: Survival Horror
Game description:

Will you survive a chase when the demon is running after you? You are stuck in a large and dark and mansion, all alone, late at night, and there is nobody to help you. The house is strange and it look like you see it in a nightmare. The reality is distorted and you need to use all of your strength and skills to break out of here and run away from a horrible monster. Run fast, leave the creepy demon far away behind your back or you will die. He is waiting for the moment to jumpscare you to death and this can happen anytime, so be careful and get ready for something as unpleasant as this.
At the same time, while the concept of the game is pretty much familiar and not very unique, everything else is pretty atmospheric here. The feeling and the suspense that won’t leave you for even a second will make the playing process something you have never seen before. This is your chance to get a nice and thrilling evening, full of fear and adrenaline! The demon will follow your every step, no matter where you go, he knows that you are there. You will have to run and hide when the situation gets too tough. There is no way you can fight or kill the monster. Keep running and your chances to leave the mansion alive will surely grow. Try the game now – it is free and available online!