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Final Fantasy XV: Pocket Edition

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Game information

Game title: Final Fantasy XV: Pocket Edition

Category: Adventure
Game description:

It is hard to imagine a gamer who doesn’t know about Final Fantasy. And we have some great news for you: one of the most beautiful and fascinating games of all times is now available for your mobile devices. This one is based on a story we already know from Final Fantasy XV, released two years earlier. The games are pretty similar, but short version for mobile devices has less quests and doesn’t feature the open-world experience as it was in the original title. The camera has a fixed place and angle to let you control the character easier, since the screen of a mobile phone or tablet has obvious limitations. Everything is pretty simplified here, including the characters’ outlook: they are drawn as “chibis”, which look cute and childish. As for the sound and voice acting, both are as amazing as they were in the previous Final Fantasy games. The entire game consists of 10 chapters. The first one can be downloaded for free, while the rest 9 are paid. In general, the short FF provides a pretty focused experience that let you grasp the narrative without any distractions. The fact that most locations and quests from the full version are not included in this title, makes the game shorter. Playing the mobile title will take significantly less time, however, it doesn’t miss anything, therefore you will surely adore it to the fullest.