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Fireboy and WaterGirl in The Forest Temple

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Game information

Game title: Fireboy and WaterGirl in The Forest Temple

Game description:

The journey in a Temple of Forest begins! You are going to control Watergirl and Fireboy, ready to face all the challenges of the forests. Make sure that you keep these fragile fellows secure. As you may know, forests are the best places to get lost and these creatures have already done that. So you will become their guide and do everything to let them out of this mysterious place. The levels include labyrinths and brain-wracking puzzles, various moving platforms, and numerous tools you will need to use. Each tool can help you get closer to the exit, so your task is to make them work for your own benefit. Also, there are gems in the forest and you should gather them on your way. But be careful – they have different colors for reason. The blue ones are only for Watergirl, while the red ones belong to Fireboy. You will see obstacles on your way. First of all, these are lakes. Some of them are filled with water, the others are burning. As you have already guessed, the logic here is the same as with gems – the red ones are okay for Fireboy and harmful for Watergirl and vice versa. However, the green ones are dangerous for both creatures, so avoid them at any costs. The world of Forest Temple is very difficult and hostile, so your journey won’t be a walk in the park.