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FNaF 50/20 Mode Completed

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Game information

Game title: FNaF 50/20 Mode Completed

Category: FNAF Games
Game description:

Freddy and his animatronic buddies are prepared to make yet another move on you! This time there will be a whole crowd of them lurking in the dark halls of the sleeping pizza house. You will choose the lineup of characters yourself setting their AI from 0 to 20. That respectively affect the level of challenge. The game features a total of 16 trials for which you can gain a certain amount of money. Faz-Coins can be exchange in the virtual store for stuff you need to improve your self-defense and also to try some new office skins.

Because you have to stand up to way more animatronics than usual, developers equipped you with a larger number of devices. In your security room you will not only track the toys’ movement through the cameras, slide the doors open and close and control the lights, but also change temperature, turn on the music and utilize appliances like fans, power generators and air conditioners. The thing is every doll has its specific weaknesses. Some of them can’t stand cold air and lowering the temperature may be the only way to keep them off you. Some have quite an ear for music and will hang out in a room with the music box playing just to hear a few more tunes.

Don’t think this makes the game any easier, though. Controlling all these devices at once can be rather tough at first, so you’d better read the manuals carefully! It will take some time to get the hang of the controls and you won’t be able to relax even for a second! Animatronics are crawling in on you from every corner. The hardest mode is nearly impossible to beat and it will be a victory if you can last for several seconds! The counter in the corner of the screen will keep track of your survival time. Ultimate Custom Night will be a severe trial even for the most venerate fans of FNAF. Plunge into this creepy horror amusement and see how long you can hold up!