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FNF: Manic Multiverse

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Game information

Game title: FNF: Manic Multiverse

Game description:

This is a new musical battle of rhythm. You will have to fight with the three pretty girls from Manic Multiverse. You may have encountered them already in previous games. They are Kiki, Vesper, and Crash. Now, they are your opponents here. You can opt for the Story mode or Free Play mode. The choice is up to you but both modes have their unique advantages.

Your task is to play the notes according to the songs on the list. How to play? You use your arrow tabs on the keyboard. The buttons Up, Dowm, Left, and Right are enough to play. Since you are playing together with Boyfriend, you will see the arrows around his head and the floating arrows of the same quality coming up from the bottom of the screen. If the arrows match, you will need to press the corresponding button to match the notes. Keep doing that until the end of the song and you will win. Be attentive not to miss the arrows because if you make many mistakes, you will fail and have to start from the beginning of the song. Good luck to you!