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Friday Night Funkin vs Dave/Bambi

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Game information

Game title: Friday Night Funkin vs Dave/Bambi

Game description:

Meet a new day with a new FNF game called FNF vs Dave/Bambi. You will encounter rhythm battles with different characters, such as an old rap master in a wheelchair Dave, his son Tristan, and Mr. Bambi, and a new version of the first character 3D Dave. Seven songs are featured in this mod: House, Furiosity, Glitch, Bonus Song, Blocked, Insanity, and Supernova. Win the game together with Boyfriend to impress his Girlfriend.

Choose between the Story mode or Free Play mode. Your goal is to match the note arrows floating from the bottom with the note arrows that are above Boyfriend’s head. Use the arrow tabs on your phone or keyboard. If you hesitate or hurry up, the match will not count. And if you miss many times in a row, you will lose the game and have to start from the beginning of the song. You do not need it so be very accurate and attentive. Enjoy your victory!