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Friday Night Funkin’: VS Eggmong Us

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Game information

Game title: Friday Night Funkin’: VS Eggmong Us

Game description:

This game is brand-new. It is the continuation of the previous FNF and Among Us crossover. Here, the Egg Impostors will be your and Boyfriend’s opponents. The songs here are Fracture, Scramble, and Crackus-Moogus. You can win this musical battle with the four arrows on your keyboard or smartphone.

They are for you to control the note arrows on the screen . match those arrows that come floating from the bottom of the screen to those that flash above Boyfriend’s head. Each matching will light them green. Continue the same way till the end of each song. If you miss matching the arrows too often, you will lose the game and have to start from the beginning of the song. So, be very careful. We are sure you will cope with this challenge and win.