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Gacha Club

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Game information

Game title: Gacha Club

Category: Gacha Life
Game description:

We know that all teenagers are dreaming of a club to join! Especially, when this is not just a club, but a warm and bright community that shares your interests! If so, then welcome this is the best place on the Internet, club for fans of Gacha! Meet numerous kids are fond of manga and anime so much. This is more than a game – it allows everything: write stories about your heroes, and become a real artist. Take a look at the amount of amazing outfits, stylish accessories, & cool items to add – your head spin around! Ready? Read on then!
Today, you will literally own an anime studio. Start with creating heroes, story & then pick background and outplay the situtaions that might have happened! The character design opportunities are truly impressive. You will find thousands of dresses, costumes, hairstyles, and funny add-ons like cat ears or angel wings. When you are done with the character design, it means that the time has come to create the environment. Be it a school, ancient Japan, fantastic garden, or other dimension – you can arrange any scene you want! Want to add details? Then there are numerous objects as well as small & cute creatures! Try endless customization opportunities and the most impressive – despite variety of amazing content, it is all available charge-free! It is unlocked! The app allows gamers to try being storywriters, artists, designers, & even… warriors! The characters of Gacha game can complete different tasks – they can fight, collect treasures, communicate, and play! Each of them has special abilities so be welcome to train them and develop! Find numerous small entertainments try out, never feel bored! Brightest anime creation begins!
In addition to super-cool anime-making mode, there are more to see. Not only your heroes can become actors of your anime, but also they are willing to develop, prove their superiority, and gain popularity! There are side-games and various additional modes to open up the full potential of each character you create and customize. Cooperate, compete, communicate, and create a whole universe of fun around you! The diversity of actions makes the game that stunning!