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Genshin Impact

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Game information

Game title: Genshin Impact

Category: RPG , Adventure
Game description:

Welcome to the world of Genshin Impact, an anime RPG game with rich and open environment to discover. This a solo-game, however, some of the activities are available for cooperative play. At the same time, while you can play the game online with other gamers from the server and your friends, it is also an offline entertainment – so the Internet connection is not necessary. On this page, you can launch an online version of the game for free and enjoy the rich and bright universe of Genshin where numerous stunning adventures and interesting locations are waiting for you. The story of this game is pretty simple, but engaging. There are numerous unexpected plot twists and original characters to play for. The characters are well-thought and have their own rich personalities and skills. The game offers a central plot line as well as numerous additional ones. For example, you can enter the library and look through the books – this activity is engaging and takes a lot of your time, so you will definitely like the level of detail. Also, when walking around the city, you can meet NPC, who won’t give you any tasks or items, but they are ready to share their stories with you. And we guarantee that you won’t get bored when listening to them. You will talk to your small and funny companion Paimon and even read manga on the official site of the game. To continue moving forward and find the details of the story, you will have to increase the ranking of your adventures all the time and accept tasks that become more and more challenging. The game has a particular line to follow and you need to keep up with these restrictions – this is the only way to discover the full plot and find out the details of the story. So even though the world of the game is open and available for your discovery, there are restrictions of the game and limits, which is a pretty contrasting point. The plot is centered around the journey and search – your twin is missing and you are travelling around the fantasy world to find him. Enter the game now, play online, and have fun! The uploaded version is free and includes full content.