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Granny 3

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Game information

Game title: Granny 3

Category: Survival Horror
Game description:

A really perfect escape horror game about Granny is here again. If you have already played two previous parts of it, you must be familiar with the main principle. This part is similar to them, only harder. The house is more complicated and strange, traps are more advanced, while Granny is not only scarier than ever but also more sensitive. In this part, you have more chances to get caught, because the old house seems to be even older now – things around will ruin all of your plans, making noises and attracting crazy old lady. You don’t really want to meet her!

Horrifying monster at your neighborhood

The game is a story of a young guy (it’s you) who has been locked inside of an old mansion. Well, everything won’t be that bad if he was locked there all alone. A bit scary and unpleasant, but in fact, nothing tragic. However, being so unlucky, he is locked here with a monster. She is called Granny, but it is really hard to recognize a human being in her look. She looks more like a demon with grey skin, crazy blind eyes, and yellow teeth. Nothing common with cute grandmother who bakes an apple pie for you! This lady would rather make you a pie filler.

Your most horrible 5 days

So finding yourself in a situation like that – locked inside of an old house with a monster – what would you do? We guess, that there is just one option in such case – run! Run away and save your life! This is exactly what you will try to do in the game. However, everything is not that simple. First, you need to unlock the main door. But you need to find a key to do that. The key is hidden somewhere in the house. And, oh boy, the house is so large that you cannot find it that fast. You have five days to check the rooms and corridors and finally find that key. This is your only chance to survive, so be quite, careful, and very fast. Granny hears you, so make your steps silent. And yes, the game is perfect when played in the darkness with your headphones on. If you are ready for a real extreme – do it!