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Granny Second Chapter

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Game information

Game title: Granny Second Chapter

Category: Survival Horror
Game description:

When you became a victim of a violent granny for the first time, she kept you inside of her house for five days. This was the period for you to find a way out of that place. If you couldn’t manage to do that timely, the story would end badly. However, you have found the key and made your way to freedom. Time has passed and… oops, you are granny’s “guest” again! However, this time, you are even more unlucky than you were previously. It seems like granny is not a lonely old woman now (this didn’t make her any happier), because now she lives with a grandpa. Maybe, this is her new husband? God only knows, where did granny find a man as crazy and strange as she is, but we are glad for her. And we are not very glad for you – because you are in a big trouble with this monstrous couple.
You will find yourself locked in endless house again, only now two enemies are hunting you. As previously, they hear and see you. Be careful when you move around the house and try not to make too much noise – step carefully, don’t drop objects, and try not to make the floor squeak. Still, even if you will move very carefully, sometimes you will make noises accidently and be ready that the couple of evil old guys will appear in a couple of seconds. They seem to be older than anyone on Earth, but that’s not a problem for them, as you will see very soon. The age is nothing to granny and grandpa – they hear everything, move faster than the lightning, and have really maniac plans for you. Try to use your time wisely – it is limited to five days. Find the key and leave the house before it is too late. Hopefully, you will survive another strange adventure in the house of granny (and her man).