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Granny Smith Android

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Game information

Game title: Granny Smith Android

Category: Boys Games
Game description:

Granny Smith lives in a cozy house surrounded by an apple garden. She loves apples so much. But she isn’t the only person who does. In this hilarious runner, you’ll assume the role of an old lady chasing an apple thief who broke into her garden and shook her trees. Granny Smith is furious, she wants to get her apples back! Pursuing the intruder, she forgets about her age and sore back and speeds up to an unimaginable extent, sweeps over fences and breaks through walls. Can you control this reckless old lady on her crazy run through the village and city streets? Pick and many apples as you can and maneuver between the obstacles to show everyone that messing with Granny Smith is quite imprudent!